From drone deliveries to in-car navigation, here are some of the latest ways businesses are using what3words:

The fastest car using what3words for seamless navigation to any destination

With the addition of what3words’ innovative addressing solution in the Mercedes-AMG ONE, Mercedes-Benz AMG are offering drivers the latest in automotive technology.

‘what3words addresses are very simple to use, meaning drivers can give their car any precise destination, and know they’re navigating to the correct location, every time.’

~ Sajjad Khan, Exec. Vice President of Mercedes-Benz (formerly VP of Digital Vehicle & Mobility)

DroneBase integrates what3words to pinpoint specific drone delivery locations

By integrating what3words into its API, DroneBase can offer clients delivery to any exact location, allowing companies to reach their customers faster and more efficiently.

‘With the what3words integration in Dronebase, delivery companies can easily deliver to a three-word address. This is more user-friendly and easier to remember than coordinates.’

~ Reno Postema. Founder at Dronebase.eu

MaxOptra uses what3words to optimise delivery routes

By integrating what3words into its route optimisation software, MaxOptra enables delivery companies and retail clients to provide what3words addresses to specify delivery locations.

‘At MaxOptra, we consider ourselves to be the leaders in delivery innovation. The MaxOptra and what3words integration means businesses can provide the most accurate and reliable delivery service possible.’

~ Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOptra MD

POWERXPURPOSE ships its active wear to customer’s exact delivery location

This online retailer has integrated what3words at checkout so customers can add the what3words address for their preferred delivery location.

‘In an ever moving & active world, it’s vital for our customers to be located accurately. Our integration with what3words technology will ensure precise delivery regardless of how remote or hard to find your location may be.’

~ Benjamin Blake, Founder, POWERXPURPOSE

Baker Street Studios helping tourists discover an eerie side to London’s history

what3words addresses have been added for locations mentioned in Baker Street Studio’s books so tourists and Londoners alike can visit the exact spots of some of London’s more notorious history.

‘As a publisher of guide books what3words is a game changer since until now it has always been a problem identifying locations, often off the beaten track. Now our readers can find the right place accurately first time, every time.’

~ Antony Richards, CEO Baker Street Studios and Detective Tours

Dazze Studio builds what3words into Nighthawks retail platform

Using the Woocommerce plugin, Dazze Studio added what3words to Japanese online retailer Nighthawks platform so customers can give a precise delivery location at checkout.

‘It was a no brainer to integrate with what3words. We believe that delivering products more accurately will lead to further improvement in customer satisfaction.’

~ Taka Ishiyama, Founder of Nighthawks

1st Log optimises location information in its logistics software

To improve the quality of the addressing data that 1st Log collects from its customers, it’s now using what3words for delivery and pick-up locations.

‘what3words helps our customers and their recipients to improve operational quality. It also helps us to promote address accuracy.’

~ Leon Kellermann, Chief Developer, 1st Log