To help visitors easily find accessible entrances, venues across the UK are using what3words.

Street addresses and postcodes can be inaccurate. Often, a single address exists for a large area with the pin dropping in the middle of the building. This makes specific entrances difficult to find, which is especially frustrating for people trying to find an accessible entrance.

Venues are solving this challenge with what3words. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Now anyone can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words.

To make every visitors’ experience as smooth as possible, more and more UK venues are using what3words to describe the exact location of their accessible entrances. For example, the accessible entrance for Church House, Westminster, can be found at ///note.posts.rotate

Examples of venues using 3 word addresses

Here are some more great examples of venues using what3words to improve accessibility:

Church House Westminster

The accessible entrance to Church House can be found at what3words ///note.posts.rotate

Birmingham City Church

Disabled parking bays for Birmingham City Church are located at ///firms.undulation.tries

Curve Theatre

The entrance to Curve Theatre from Halford Street is at ///wide.wiping.dared
The theatre’s Rutland Street entrance is at ///driver.other.ideal

IET London: Savoy Place

The exact location of the step-free entrance to Savoy Place can be found at ///actual.almost.fantastic

IET Birmingham: Austin Court

The exact location of Austin Court’s step-free entrance can be found at ///float.roof.orbit

Holiday Inn London, Heathrow Bath Road

You can easily access the front door of this Holiday Inn by going straight to ///valve.error.farm

Congress Centre

The accessible entrance to Congress Centre, London, can be found at ///mimic.easy.winter

Cavendish Conference Centre

Arrive at the exact venue entrance for Cavendish Conference Centre by navigating to ///pulse.coffee.shop


Now visitors heading to any of these venues can simply enter the three words into the free what3words app or online map by voice or text to easily find that precise location.

It’s simple to start using what3words to improve the accessibility of your venue. Start discovering what3words addresses here.