To help control rooms share incidents’ precise locations with responders, GoodSAM has added what3words to its Instant on Scene (Instant.Help) solution.

Emergency services, hospitals, universities and NGOs around the world use GoodSAM tools to help with their emergency response. Most recently, the UK NHS Volunteer Programme has been using the GoodSAM Responder app to coordinate its response to COVID-19.

To help emergency services find incidents faster, GoodSAM has added what3words to its Instant.Help tool. The technology streams live footage from an incident to an emergency control room. With what3words integrated into the platform, call handlers can instantly receive the caller’s what3words address, making it easy to share the location quickly with responder teams.

what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 3 metre square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Available in 45 languages, anyone can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three words.

A what3words address can be shared easily via voice, text or digital systems, minimising error and ensuring teams and different agencies can find the exact incident location quickly. This is saving precious time, resources and lives. Services can equip crews with the free what3words app on their phone or tablet, allowing them to search for and navigate directly to a what3words address.

‘By partnering with what3words those in need can convey their location with simplicity and ease. This enables better life saving advice and deployment of resources’ ­– Mark Wilson and Ali Ghorbangholi, Co-Founders of GoodSAM commented.