From runners and cyclists to photographers and birdwatchers, communities across the UK are using what3words to find and share their favourite spots. Here are some popular ways they use what3words:

Cyclists are organising meeting points

‘I’ve used what3words to help arrange meeting points with other cyclists for group rides. We save and share where we are planning to meet with the free app. If we want to take a break at a lovely viewpoint, we can share the new meeting point to bring everyone together’

– Becky Gribble, cyclist.

Runners are organising activities and staying safe

‘When I’m out on the fells, or exploring the moors, I know that I can help the emergency services pinpoint my exact location should I need them. Having the what3words app on my phone makes me feel safer’

– Michelle Mortimer, Online running coach and Canicross Trainer @DogFitUK.

Photographers are sharing their photo locations

‘I use what3words so that you can see the exact location of where each photograph was captured, then you can visit the place yourself’

– Phil Sproson, photographer

Bird watchers are sharing bird sighting locations

‘Gone are the days of writing lengthy messages with a location, description of a bird sighting. Now what3words and a compass heading is all you need’

– Steve Lyon, bird watcher – @spadgebirder

Hikers are sharing the best spots with friends

‘When we’re out, whether it’s on a river, up a mountain, or on a rockface, abroad or at home, and want to share the location of a stand-out view, we can do so very quickly through what3words, which can share direct into our WhatsApp group’

– Adam George, adventurer @dorksonahill.

Horse riders are addressing their stables and staying safe

‘what3words is a really useful tool for the equestrian community. It makes me feel safer when I am out hacking. We recommend that people save the 3 words to the entrance of their stables in case there is an emergency. It operates in rural locations so the app is perfect for way marking, pinpointing specific spots and sharing them with one another. Overall it makes hacking more relaxing and fun’

– Jules Springett

horse rider on bridal path

Travellers are sharing their favourite spots

‘I like to include the location of anything I write about as it’s easier for readers to plan trips when they have all the resources. Now I know that the three word code I’m sharing is within three metres of the exact spot I stood , my readers can experience a place exactly as I did’

– Kirstie Will, travel blogger @KirstieTravel.

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