Many logistics companies, including DPD, DHL and Evri are using what3words’ innovative addressing solution to reduce failed deliveries and improve efficiency.

When couriers deliver packages to street addresses, they often don’t end up exactly where they need to be. Addresses are inaccurate which can lead to lost time and money for businesses and a frustrating experience for customers. That’s why many logistics companies are using what3words so drivers can navigate straight to a customer’s precise delivery location using just 3 words.

1 in 5 deliveries fail due to inaccurate addressing

Research conducted by a leading address management service, Loqate (GB Group plc), found that 19% of failed deliveries fail specifically due to inaccurate addressing*. This not only has a negative impact on customer experience but equates to a significant customer service expense for delivery services, both when considering the cost of failed deliveries, and in the cost of customer service agents attempting to resolve address inaccuracies.

what3words makes it easy to deliver to precise locations

what3words has given every 3 metre square in the world a unique combination of three random words: a what3words address. It allows customers to specify their exact delivery location with just 3 words so delivery drivers know exactly where to drop off a package and don’t waste time looking for the right entrance.

Reducing delivery time by 30%

In delivery tests conducted in London, what3words was found to save 30% on delivery times when compared to delivering to street addresses**.

Using what3words addresses also proved more predictable, reducing the variability of delivery time which could allow drivers to be reliably allocated to the next job before completing their current delivery.

The increased precision offered by what3words also meant that it eliminated 100% of the calls the driver usually has to make to find customers, saving time, money and proving a smoother customer experience.

To start using what3words for your business or for more information follow the link below:

*Fixing Failed Deliveries report (Loqate, GB Group Plc, 2019)
** Quiqup Delivery Test with what3words (2017)