Infotech is the leader in providing GIS and location-based services in Turkey and the surrounding region. It provides desktop and mobile solutions for vehicle tracking, navigation and geographic information based on its LocationBox platform. This provides detailed maps that include over one million Points of Interest, more than 1400 brands and over 500K kilometers of road network all combined with a powerful routing software.

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Vehicle tracking, navigation and finding points of interest all rely on a simple way to communicate precise locations. Historically this has been done using a place name or street addresses. But this presents a challenge because while places in towns and cities may have street addresses, due to poor geocoding it can be tough to know precisely where that address is. There are also many places that don’t have street addresses – that little beach up the coast, the loading bay on a large industrial site or a great little restaurant out in the country. It means people end up in the wrong place or lost.

To solve this Infotech has integrated what3words into its LocationBox platform.

what3words is a simple way to communicate a precise location based on a global grid of 57 trillion 3 metre x 3 metre squares. Each square has a pre-allocated, fixed, and unique 3 word address. For example, the 3 word address for the LPG gas station in Bayindir is odayı.hayat.rolüfront and the entrance to the nearby Ovacik National Park is at takın.dalmaya.dememi. They are much easier to communicate than directions and much more precise.

Infotech has integrated what3words into its LocationBox map portal and built it into its Web Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding API. It means that tourists, travellers, walkers and bikers can meet up at the right places. It means couriers and delivery companies can save money and improve customer service by reaching the right place first time. It also means utility companies and government departments are finding it much easier to refer to the precise locations of assets.


“We have a wealth of information in our LocationBox platform and what3words makes it even easier to find and reach the place you want,” commented Infotech CEO Aliufuk Peker. “It brings the power and precision of GPS and digital mapping to everyone, even non-technical people.”