Poimapper Plus is a data collection tool that allows office-based and mobile users to collect, share and visualise data in real-time with intelligent forms and detailed reporting. Poimapper has an expanding commercial and NGO customer base such as Oxfam, Infosys & Safaricom. The system records GPS coordinates but these are prone to error when people transcribe or communicate them. The poor addressing of assets, businesses, people or aid points causes inefficiencies, frustration and can cost lives.

Poimapper Plus has now integrated what3words into its Android app.

what3words is a UK based company that have addressed the whole world. It has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique 3 word address. 3 words are far simpler and easier to use than latitude, longitude GPS coordinates. It works in multiple languages and even without a data connection. The system allows field staff to generate a 3 word address at each point of interest and communicate it to either a colleague or the beneficiary.

Better location information means a faster, better response.

This integration enhances coordination efforts between field staff, head office and members of the public by providing a simpler addressing solution.