Pricing | what3words


Our aim is to:

  • make what3words as accessible as possible
  • support people who are doing good things around the world
  • remove the barriers to what3words gaining widespread adoption

what3words will always be free for individuals to use on our own site and apps, and there will always be ways to use our business software packages for free.

In particular, we take measures to support fair and equitable use of our core addressing technology, including employing a fee structure that provides qualifying organisations with a range of free and discounted usage plans. Our goal is for what3words to become a global standard for communicating location, and we have adopted a business model that helps us to achieve this.

As such, we have a range of provisions to ensure that organisations who integrate what3words can be confident in the long-term viability of the technology.

Additionally, we have a commitment to the following:

If we, what3words ltd, are ever unable to maintain the what3words technology or make arrangements for it to be maintained by a third-party (with that third-party being willing to make this same commitment), then we will release our source code into the public domain. We will do this in such a way and with suitable licences and documentation to ensure that any and all users of what3words, whether they are individuals, businesses, charitable organisations, aid agencies, governments or anyone else can continue to rely on the what3words system.