The what3words Mac App | what3words
How to use the app

Find a 3 word address

1. Tap the ‘Locate Me’ icon on the right of the search bar to find your current location, or enter your street address.

2. Zoom in until you see the grid, switch to satellite mode and drag the map to find the exact location you want.

3. Tap to select a square for its 3 word address. It will be displayed in the search bar.

Search for a 3 word address

1. Enter the 3 word address in the format word.word.word into the search bar. Remember to add in the dots.

2. Select the correct 3 word address.

Get directions to a 3 word address

1. Find a 3 word address, or select one from your Saved Locations. 2. Click the ‘Navigate’ icon.

2. This will open an Apple Maps window with directions to that 3 word address.

Share a 3 word address

1. Find a 3 word address, or select one from your Saved Locations.

2. Tap the ‘Share’ icon and select the app you want to use like Mail, Messages or AirDrop to share a link to that 3 word address.

Save a 3 word address

1. Select a square and tap the ‘Save’ icon.

2. You can save to an existing list, for example, Favourites.

3. To save your location to a new list, click ‘Add a New List’ and give your list a name, for example, Parking Spots.

4. Once you’ve saved a 3 word address to a list, you can click the pencil above the 3 word address to add a description.

Find one of your saved locations

1. Click the Saved locations button at the top left of your screen.

2. This will open your Saved Locations and lists.

3. Select your list.

4. Select the 3 word address you need.

Change the 3 word address language

1. Tap the language code button at the top right of your screen.

2. Select the language of your choice from the drop-down menu.
This will change the 3 word address language, but not the user interface.

Spotlight search

You can use Spotlight search to find any 3 word address that you have already saved in your Lists.

1. Open Spotlight and type the 3 word address into the search field.

2. Click on the 3 word address in the results. This will open the what3words desktop app with that square selected.

Accessibility features

The what3words Mac app supports Dark Mode and Voice Control.

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