what3words in Careem
A modern residential garden with shade sails above

1. Receive a 3 word address

If you’ve received a 3 word address from a friend or found it in a guide or business card, you’re all set to use it in Careem.

Highways and roads crossing over each other

2. Enter it into Careem app

Type the 3 word address into Careem, just like a street address. Don’t forget the full stops between the words, for example ///yawned.random.bonus

Man on a smartphone in a car

3. Yalla, let's go!

Get picked up or dropped off exactly where you want.

No need to give directions!

How to use what3words
Modern skyrise apartments on a sunny day
Satellite view of Panorama mall on what3words app

2. Refine location

Zoom in until you see the grid and drag the map to find the exact location you want.

Pedestrians walking around university area
Zoomed in satellite shot of Panorama entrance inched.idea.august

3. Get the 3 words

Tap to select a square. Its 3 word address will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can now save it, share it with friends, or add it to your email signature.

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