In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, people struggle to talk about accurate locations because of inconsistent addressing and a constantly evolving urban landscape.

When people order a taxi ride through an app and enter an address, it’s often not recognised. They resort to selecting a nearby business or landmark as their destination, then have to direct the driver from there to their intended drop off location. This often results in them taking long detours and spending more money on a ride than they initially planned. If they don’t know the area well, they risk ending up lost.

Jeeny, a leading Saudi ride-hailing app, is the first in KSA to accept 3 word addresses. Riders can now enter a 3 word address for their destination and get dropped off exactly where they want to.

With what3words integrated into the Jeeny app, customers have a smoother experience and no longer need to give directions or waste time and money on detours. Finally, with accurate location information, Jeeny can now predict more accurately when drivers will be free for the next pick up and optimise its operations.