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what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has given every 3m x 3m square a unique address made of 3 dictionary words so it’s easy to communicate any precise location on the planet.

what3words helps businesses and organisations operate more efficiently, and makes it easy for people to find and share exact locations. It is integrated into car navigation systems, last mile delivery software and is used by NGOs and disaster response teams to save lives.

The ArcGIS what3words locator is a plugin that allows users to search for 3 word addresses and display them. It supports all of the languages what3words is available in and will be updated as more languages are released.

The ArcGIS what3words locator can:

  • Add 3 word addresses to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS desktop
  • Search for 3 word addresses
  • Find a location’s 3 word address
  • Forward geocode a list of 3 word addresses to GPS coordinates
  • Reverse geocode a list of GPS coordinates to 3 word addresses

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Watch our how-to videos and setup guides

How to batch reverse geocode

How to search & discover

Locator search & batch geocode

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