Are inaccurate addresses costing your business?

When you’ve poured heart and soul into your business, it’s frustrating when deliveries fail and customers are disappointed. what3words can help.

Don’t let lost parcels let you down

A quarter of street addresses in the UK don’t lead to a front door. When orders don’t reach customers, your time is wasted dealing with the extra admin. Delays also affect your customer satisfaction and reviews.

Meet what3words

It’s the easiest way for customers to give precise delivery locations. Every 3 metre square in the world has an address made of 3 random words.

Collect better addresses

Customers simply enter their what3words address in a dedicated field at checkout, as well as their street address.

Join thousands of businesses using what3words

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‘Just like some of our fruit and vegetables, addresses can sometimes be a bit wonky. Customers can get their rescued veg delivered to exactly the right place with just 3 words!’

Drew Hutchinson, Logistics Manager

Add what3words to platforms you already use

It’s easy to include a what3words address box at checkout with plugins for popular platforms and tools like Shopify, Magento and more.

Pass precise locations to your delivery provider

Once collected, what3words addresses can be passed on to delivery companies to make sure orders arrive in the right place.