Crisis response with what3words

NGOs and charities who need to communicate the precise locations of infrastructure, resources and supplies around the world are using what3words. Find out how you can too.

What is what3words?

Every 3 metre (10 ft) square in the world has a unique identifier made of 3 random words: a what3words address.

It’s easy to share what3words addresses, say them over the phone or radio, or print them on a map.

The app works offline so people in areas with an unreliable data connection can find any precise location.

Trusted by large and small organisations

Humanitarian partners that are integrated with what3words

Case studies

Delivering aid exactly where it’s needed

To provide urgent medical support to those who need it in South African townships, Gateway Health partnered with what3words to give each home and facility a reliable address.

Locating incidents quickly

The UNDP organised what3words training sessions for rescuers working in the Ukraine. This helped Emergency crews in Donetsk Oblast locate a trapped driver.

Marking the location of critical assets & entrances

Using what3words, the CDC commenced a project to provide refugees homes, help desks, mosques, and other important locations in the settlement with a what3words address.

what3words for good

Whether you’re part of a large organisation or a small team of volunteers, we’ve got everything you need to learn how what3words can help your projects.

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