From a foal stuck in mud to a dog getting trapped on a walk, it brings us so much joy to hear that what3words addresses have been used to help rescue teams find animals caught up in sticky situations.

West Yorkshire Police were fast to react when a kitten was stuck in the middle of the busy Stanningley bypass. Thankfully a member of the public spotted him and used the what3words app to help the police locate him swiftly. In the same region, the Fire & Rescue squad came to the aid of a young foal who was helped back on its feet after finding itself sunk in mud.

Kitten and foal rescued by team using what3words

Another story came in from Exmouth and Beer Coastguard Rescue. Their fire service were called out to help a dog and its owner 15 metres over the cliff at the Highland of Orcombe. Here’s a lovely snap of both owner and Baloo who were found safe and well.

owner and dog rescued by animal rescue team using what3words

Often in rural areas, it can be really hard to explain your precise location, and postcodes cover large distances. When you need a vet or rescue team immediately, what3words is a quick, simple and accurate way to tell them where you are.

This calf got into trouble in some waters near Thornley. It was found promptly thanks to a farmer using its precise what3words address. We were very happy to see it back on dry land!

calf rescued by animal rescue team using what3words location

If you or your pet find yourself in trouble, here is an easy explanation of how to use what3words so that you can always be prepared and share your exact location when asking for help.