YHA (England & Wales) runs a network of over 160 hostels and 40 camping and cabin sites in rural, coastal and city locations in England and Wales. Many properties are converted castles, cottages and manor houses located off the beaten track.

Many rural areas in the UK are poorly addressed; buildings are not numbered and postcode geocoding is inaccurate, so people typing postcodes into satnavs or navigation apps are often directed to the wrong place. On top of that, there is often no phone or data signal in these areas, so there’s no way to call for directions.


To make it easier for people to find their accommodation, YHA now displays 3 word addresses for all of its campsites and hostels. Whenever they’re staying with YHA, guests can confidently find their way right to the door of their hostel with just 3 simple words. what3words also works offline, so it can be used reliably in remote and rural areas.


With 3 word addresses, guest can easily explore the beautiful English and Welsh countryside, and hostel staff have a simple way to effectively pass on their local knowledge: accurately pinpointing a local attraction with 3 words is a lot simpler than describing it to a traveller who is unfamiliar with the area.

As part of their goal to give everyone the opportunity to discover, explore and experience something new, YHA plans to display 3 word addresses for the tourist attractions it lists online and what’s on guides.