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El sistema what3words convierte las coordenadas geográficas en direcciones de 3 palabras, y viceversa. Se pueden encontrar y compartir con nuestra aplicación móvil gratuita o a través del mapa en línea. El serviciotambién se ha integrado a varias herramientas, aplicaciones y sitios de terceros. Las podrás encontrar en el siguiente listado y puedes buscar herramientas específicas por sector de la industria o plataforma.

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Complementos para sistemas de información geográfica (GIS)

Se pueden utilizar todas las funciones de what3words a través de complementos para las plataformas GIS, como ArcGIS, QGIS y Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

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Conversión de lotes

Esta herramienta ofrece conversiones desde coordenadas a direcciones de 3 palabras, y viceversa.

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SDK para servidores

Las empresas, las ONG y los gobiernos pueden utilizar este servicio para ejecutar el sistema what3words desde sus propios servidores.

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SDK para dispositivos móviles

Este paquete ofrece el mismo servicio que la API, pero se puede instalar en un smartphone y funciona totalmente sin conexión.

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API en línea

La API consiste en algunas líneas de código que pueden agregar la funcionalidad de las direcciones de 3 palabras a tu aplicación, mapa o sitio existente.

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Aplicación what3words

Nuestra aplicación gratuita para iOS y Android ofrece todas las funciones cartográficas útiles en un práctico paquete para smartphones.

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Mapa de what3words

La herramienta cartográfica gratuita, que se encuentra en, te permite encontrar y compartir direcciones de 3 palabras con rapidez y facilidad.

Explorar el mapa

NetCourier is a logistics software developed by Metafour for courier and logistics companies. It uses 3 word addresses to manage the last mile of the delivery process more efficiently, reducing the costs of time wasted by drivers searching for an inaccurate address.

NetCourier está disponible para Web

Entregas y logística

Remax real estate agents in Mongolia use 3 word addresses to communicate precise property location to their clients. Potential buyers find their way to the properties easily and can fit more viewings into their schedule, while realtors can quickly locate and navigate to any house, flat or building, even if they’ve never been there before.

Remax está disponible para Web

Asignación de direcciones / Gestión de recursos

BeMyGuest organises travel activities and tours in Asia, and uses 3 word addresses to simply communicate the precise location of venues and meeting spots. Customers now find their way anywhere easily, whether it’s a hut in the forest or the lobby of a hotel.

BeMyGuest está disponible para Web

Viajes y turismo

Addison Ousebank manufacture and install garden buildings in the UK. They use 3 word addresses to pinpoint the precise location where a new shed or greenhouse should be built, avoiding miscommunication and confusion. Builders know exactly where to start working, and clients get the stellar service they were promised.

Addison Ousebank está disponible para Web

Gestión de recursos

HotelPORT, a division of REBEL Travel Corporation, helps the world’s leading hotels and restaurants market themselves online. They ensure their clients are easy to find and improve the consistency of their information across the web. By adding 3 word addresses to hotel and restaurant listings, HotelPORT makes sure that guests don’t get lost and frustrated, and are directed straight to the front door.

HotelPORT está disponible para Web

Viajes y turismo

BlindSquare is the leading navigation app for the visually impaired. It uses 3 word addresses to allow easy input and accurate navigation to specific locations. Users can find their way anywhere without getting lost or having to ask for directions.

Blindsquare está disponible para iOS

Navegación y movilidad

DXC Technology designs drone apps and software for businesses. They built an innovative solution that uses voice recognition to fly drones, but found that GPS coordinates and addresses were too complicated to input by voice. They use 3 word addresses to send the drones to exact locations, and no longer have to deal with remote controllers, complex commands or drones getting lost.

DXC Technology está disponible para Web

Vehículos aéreos no tripulados (UAV)

Samara Private Game Reserve in South Africa is now using 3 word addresses to indicate entrances and points of interest on their 28,300 hectare site. Visitors are encouraged to use 3 word addresses during their stay to take full advantage of the 5-star big game resort without having to use complicated GPS coordinates.

Samara Private Game Reserve está disponible para Web

Viajes y turismo

Every year, the African Architecture Awards celebrate the best new architecture across the continent. However, specific features on building complexes can be difficult to refer to during the judging process so candidates are using 3 word addresses to indicate areas of interest to judges and showcase their entries to get the recognition they deserve.

African Architecture Awards está disponible para Web

Eventos / Gestión de recursos

Stoke Travel organises trips for young people around Europe. The campsites, beaches, and remote hostels can be difficult to find, so the travel agency has started using 3 word addresses for all the places it promotes. Guests can now find all the spots easily, have a good time, and make great memories that don’t include getting lost and frustrated.

Stoke Travel está disponible para Web

Viajes y turismo

In Kigali, Rwanda, GroceWheels lets people shop for groceries online and have the items delivered straight to their door. With 3 word addresses, users can easily communicate an exact delivery location and get their goods faster. The drivers no longer get lost because of inaccurate addresses, deliveries are more efficient, and the company saves time and money.

Grocewheels está disponible para Web

Entregas y logística

Splyt creates software for the e-hailing industry. Its app users can now input 3 word addresses to easily find each other and get to a specific destination. This removes frustrations for drivers and customers, and improves the app’s overall efficiency.

Splyt está disponible para iOS & Android

Sector automotriz y de transporte

LogiNext Solutions ofrece soluciones de logística que incluyen planificación de rutas y capacidades, además de un seguimiento del transporte en tiempo real. Sus soluciones empresariales de software de logística altamente configurables están diseñadas para satisfacer todas las necesidades del cliente a través de la utilización de tecnología inteligente y análisis de datos masivos (big data).

LogiNext Solutions está disponible para Android & Web

Entregas y logística

Dronesmith Technologies crea herramientas para los desarrolladores e innovadores de drones. La plataforma de comando de drones basada en la nube permite que cualquier persona pueda comenzar a crear aplicaciones para drones sin necesidad de ser experto. Las direcciones de 3 palabras les brindan a sus usuarios una forma sencilla de especificar ubicaciones precisas para el despegue, aterrizaje y puntos de destino de los drones.

Dronesmith Technologies está disponible para Web

Vehículos aéreos no tripulados (UAV) is an online shopping website that brings international brands to Mongolia, where poor addressing makes delivering goods tricky. 3 word addresses can now be entered at checkout, allowing customers to specify a precise location for their delivery. Carriers can find the correct address quicker and easier, without having to call the customer for directions. está disponible para Web

Entrega a pedido / Entregas y logística

Rambler GPX Maps and Navigation is an app for hikers in Poland. Communicating and remembering addresses is difficult when the only way to do so is through GPS coordinates, which is why the app is now using 3 word addresses. Users can search for, save and share any location, and avoid getting lost in the Polish wilderness.

Rambler GPX Maps and Navigation está disponible para Android

Navegación y movilidad / Viajes y turismo

Malawi Travel promotes Malawi’s stunning natural attractions and culture, as well as tours and accommodation. To help tourists find the places they’re looking for in poorly-addressed regions, the site is using 3 word addresses. People can finally navigate the country using their own language without the need for confusing instructions.

Malawi Travel está disponible para Web

Viajes y turismo

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking is a navigation app aimed at outdoors sports enthusiasts who regularly face the problem of not having a simple way to refer to a specific location. 3 word addresses allow them to find their location and tell others exactly where they are or where to meet. They can finally stop worrying about getting lost and get on with their run, hike or sail.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking está disponible para Android

Navegación y movilidad / Viajes y turismo

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