How it works

Every 3 metre square in the world has been given a unique combination of three random words.

Estate Agencies provide what3words addresses for property entrances, parking spots and estate agent boards.

People enter the what3words address into the free app to navigate to the exact location.


Every property has
a what3words address

what3words makes it easy to identify exact locations, from entrances to apartment blocks and large estates, to new builds and plots of land that may not have a street address at all.

Set up hassle-free viewings

Finding the perfect property can be hard, but going to a viewing shouldn’t be. With a what3words address people know exactly where to go. They’ll arrive relaxed, on time and won’t need to call for directions.

Operate more effectively

Save time coordinating tasks at a property by giving stagers, photographers and tradespeople its what3words address.

Easily list properties’ precise locations

It’s really simple to use what3words, either with an estate agent CRM integration (such as Dezrez, Property Hive, My State MLS, and Apex27) or by adding the what3words address in listing descriptions and viewing confirmations.

Next steps

Try the free app

Use the what3words address next time you direct a client or contractor to a property.

List what3words addresses

Add precise what3words addresses to listings, brochures and viewing confirmations for your properties today.

Help people use what3words

Use the assets we have put together to show your clients, team and contractors how to use what3words.

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