Our event partners


This safety software allows users to search for and save what3words addresses for precise incident reporting.


CommandPost® uses what3words to improve location accuracy in incident logging and responses - saving lives and reducing business disruption.


For efficient event management, OnePlan users can share what3words addresses for important spots with equipment suppliers, performers and vendors.


what3words is integrated into the WeTrack software and used by over 200 events annually, including the ICC and International Triathlon Association.

Controlled Events

This event management company uses what3words to tag incident locations in its incident logging platform, which are passed to teams in the field.

MinT Command

MinT Command uses what3words addresses to accurately log incidents and better coordinate multiple stakeholders at events.

The Safe Event Scheme

what3words, as the official addressing partner to the Safe Event Scheme, helps accredited events communicate key event locations for staff and visitors.

The Movie Lot

The Movie Lot team uses what3words to help event staff and emergency services find and communicate precise locations.


RunThrough run over 150 events a year with 120,000 runners taking part and they are using what3words addresses to point out the key race day locations.


This security, facilities and training services provider uses what3words to improve the coordination of staff and emergency services at events.

Gentian Events

Gentian Events is a consultancy advising event organisers and suppliers to use what3words to improve safety and efficiencies.


The UKCMA encourages its members and the events industry to use what3words as a free, easy-to-use tool for safer, more efficient events.

Beacon events

Beacon Events uses the what3words app to help coordinate staff as well as emergency services at events.

Mor Events

Mor Events use the what3words app to direct event staff and emergency services to key locations on site.

LMS Medical

LMS Medical uses the what3words app to help coordinate staff at events as well as the emergency services.


ETC uses what3words to coordinate staff at events, specify delivery locations, and share incidents’ precise locations with emergency services.

Hardstaff Barriers

Hardstaff Barriers uses what3words to help coordinate staff at events and share incidents’ precise locations with emergency services.

Winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland uses what3words to direct visitors to the best attractions on site, via its online map and physical signage.

Edinburgh Hogmanay

To help visitors find the exact entrances of event venues and buildings around the city, Edinburgh Hogmanay shares their what3words addresses.

Vitality Big Half

The Vitality Big Half used what3words addresses on its official event map to help runners and spectators find key race day locations easily.


Iventis uses what3words to create addresses which can be shared with teams when planning and managing complex operations, such as events.

Sword Security

Sword Security use what3words to help staff navigate large site and perform when conducting operations.

Gough and Kelly

Gough and Kelly uses what3words with all their event personnel, making it apart of location life at an event or personal life. Each member instils the what3word lifestyle.

London Marathon Events

London Marathon Events have used what3words to assist with operations and incident response to emergency services.

Trinity Medical Services

We at Trinity Medical Services have trained Staff to use what3words and we also include it in our training courses for clients.

Axis Security

Axis Security are using what3words to identify specific locations at sites where we provide the security cover, a rapid response time makes all the difference.