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Miller’s tractor accident

When Miller and his Nanny got hit by a tractor in their car, Miller told 999 exactly where they needed help.

Jason’s kayak incident

When he got in trouble on a remote loch in Scotland, Jason used what3words to tell mountain rescue where to find him.

Valerie’s car crash

When Valerie and and her daughter got into a car crash, she had no idea where they were. The police found them using what3words.

Wayne’s air ambulance rescue
Wayne fell off his bike and fractured his femur. He was in a remote location and needed help urgently. The air ambulance found him easily with what3words.

Cliff’s broken ankle
When Cliff broke his ankle while walking in a remote location, his wife Judith called 999 and gave their what3words address.

Sarah’s bike accident
When Sarah fell off her bike and dislocated her elbow, she used what3words to describe her precise location to the local ambulance service.

Michelle the running coach
Whether she’s out on the fells, or exploring the moors, Michelle knows she can help emergency services pinpoint her exact location.

Aneela the 999 call handler
After over 20 years at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Aneela knows how hard it is for people to say where an incident is. She sends help faster with what3words.

Julie the horse rider
Julie uses what3words to stay safe. As Safety Advisor to the British Horse Society, she advises people to save the what3words address of their stables entrance in case of an emergency.

Other ways what3words is used

Phil the photographer
Phil uses what3words to give his fans and followers the exact location of where each photograph was captured. It makes it easy for them to visit the place themselves.

Becky the cyclist
Becky uses what3words to arrange meeting points with other cyclists for group rides. They save and share where they are planning to meet with the free app.

Kirstie the travel blogger
Kirstie shares the what3words address of her favourite spots on her adventures so that her readers can experience a place exactly as she did.

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