what3words is built into a range of technologies, from websites to apps and cars.


Ride hailing
Geographic tools
Emergency & safety
Developer tools

what3words App

Find, share, save or navigate to any exact location in over 35 languages with the free what3words app.


Mercedes-Benz drivers with the built-in MBUX infotainment system can now enter a 3 word address by text entry or voice, to get directions to any precise 3m x 3m location in the world.

Emergency services UK

Many emergency services around the UK are now using what3words as part of their operations In these areas, callers can now give a 3 word address over the phone when they call 999 and help will be sent straight to that precise location.

Ford AppLink

Ford drivers can now use what3words to enter precise destinations by connecting the free what3words app to their vehicle via their SYNC 3 infotainment platform.


Kakaomap users are now able to enter 3 word addresses into the search bar, see their exact locations, and use Kakaomap’s navigation function to get there.

DB eSchenker Platform

DBSchenker online delivery management system has integrated what3words for more efficient, more reliable deliveries and improved customer service.


Cabify is the leading ride-hailing platform in Spanish- and Portuguese -speaking markets. Riders can specify the 3 word address of their destination to arrive at their exact destination.

what3words API

The what3words API converts 3 word addresses to GPS coordinates, and vice-versa. It also provides autosuggest capabilities for quick error detection.


Navmii users can discover, save, share and navigate to a 3 word address directly from within the Navmii app. This is useful for areas without a postcode, street address or where they are inaccurate.

Shop & Ship

Shop & Ship by Aramex sells luxury goods to customers in the Middle East. To deliver to exactly the right place every time – hassle free – Shop & Ship accepts 3 word addresses on customer profiles.

what3words Map Site

Find, share, save or navigate to any exact location in over 35 languages with the free what3words online map.

ArcGIS Locator

Using this tool, ArcGIS platform users can display the 3 word address for any location or search for a 3 word address – either individually or via batch conversion to and from GPS coordinates.


One of the largest pharmaceutical and cosmetics retailers in South Africa, Dischem, now offers customers deliveries to 3 word addresses.


ELVIS is WPC’s market leading vehicle recovery system is helping police forces and other organisations efficiently manage the vehicle recovery process. It has integrated what3words into its location management product to make it easier to report and find accurate vehicle locations.

Pocket Earth

PocketEarth offers global travel guides and offline maps for every adventure. Today, you can search for and navigate to 3 word addresses worldwide with PocketEarth and find the 3 word address for any location.

what3words Alexa Skill

Alexa users can discover where a 3 word address is and get directions to it with any Alexa-enabled device.

AA Roadside Assistance

The leading roadside assistance organisation in South Africa is using what3words. For the AA to find them more easily, AA members can provide their 3 word address when calling for assistance.


ANWB is the main traveller’s breakdown association in the Netherlands. To find people more easily in emergencies, ANWB uses what3words.


The official online store for Apple Products in South Africa provides a 3 word address field on its checkout page as well as on customer profile pages, to offer a more efficient and reliable delivery experience to their customers.


Pizza-lovers on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten can use a 3 word address in their Domino’s Android app when placing an order so that Domino’s can deliver pizzas faster and fresher.


Jeeny (formerly EasyTaxi) is a ride hailing app operating in the Middle East. Its users can enter destinations using a 3 word addresses, saving time finding drop-off locations and minimising mistakes.