From the largest sporting event to the smallest music festival, what3words is helping to improve the experience for organisers, vendors, emergency services and ticket holders.

what3words makes it’s easy to share precise locations with your teams, suppliers and attendees – using just three words. This is helping event managers with planning and setup, participant safety and security as well as improving visitor experience. StreetDots, one of many companies using what3words addresses to direct vendors to a specific points on large sites.

It’s simple to use what3words to run your events safely, more efficiently and better for everyone. Check out our pointers below on how event organisers are doing it successfully – from setup to the live event. Next, download the free what3words app and you’re all set.

1. Planning and set-up made easier

Putting on a festival or event can be like creating a small town, from food to housing, sanitation, social spaces, entertainment and signage. However, because events often take place in areas without street addresses, fixed landmarks or limited mobile data coverage, finding and communicating precise locations can be difficult. This makes setup more challenging and time consuming for everyone involved.

To make setup easier, more organised and efficient, event producers like One Plan are sharing important spots’ what3words addresses with equipment suppliers, performers and vendors. It means that each of them they can get to exactly where they need to be easily and without confusion.

Outside Wembley at an office merchandise stall at 3 word address Curve.Hope.Pigs

2. Improving safety and security operations

The benefits of what3words go beyond setup. With the complexity of large events, security, medical and emergency response teams need to know what’s happening and where, at every moment; communicating the location of an incident in a simple and accurate way can make all the difference.

In the UK many Emergency Services use what3words to coordinate a faster response. And festivals like Glastonbury use what3words for a similar purpose. Three words are easier to communicate than coordinates over the radio and enable teams to identify exact locations within seconds. Now, in an emergency, festival-goers can communicate an incident’s what3words address with Emergency Responders to direct help to exactly where it is needed.

Another useful tip: To help people find medical tents and service centres, you put their what3words addresses on your event map.

3. Helping visitors find their way

To make sure your visitors can find key attractions easily and have a great experience, you can share the what3words address of on-site attractions too – from food stalls to stages and facilities.

Sign for Chefs Table at 3 words address 'Tonight.Salt.Clan'

At a recent BTS concert, Wembley Stadium used what3words in its map to direct fans to specific points around the stadium, such as merchandise stalls. And in preparation for the holidays, Winter Wonderland created a map that displays the what3words address of each entrance. Visitors can simply type the what3words address into the free app to find their favourite attractions more easily.

Winter Wonderland site map

4. Improving visitor engagement 

To make visitors’ experience even better, events aren’t just helping visitors get from A to B with what3words – they are creating scavenger hunts too. This is a great way to get participants to become more involved, meet new people and enjoy themselves while exploring different parts of the festival. Even musicians like Imagine Dragons and Mumford & Sons have been quick to engage their fans using what3words.

tweet one '3 words found, you're in the know; now let them tell you where to go' tweet 2 'four bootleg copies that exist nowhere else have been hidden around the world for you to find. Stay put... first one us up #BLTB Taped.Payer.Good

Meanwhile, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, visitors enjoyed interacting with a what3words tech display to find their what3words address and create their own co-branded personalised cards to take home, a nice memento of the event.

How to start using what3words for your event

1. Mark your site map with key what3words addresses
Add what3words addresses to your event’s location information, from tickets to online maps, physical guides and parking information.

2. Install what3words signs at important locations

3. Direct people to specific what3words addresses
Get visitors using the what3words app to drive revenue at great spots to eat, drink and more.

4. Spread the word with our free toolkit
The most successful event planners are using our free toolkit to help their attendees feel the full benefits of what3words. It’s filled with a range of shareable copy, images and videos.

Download the free what3words app to get started and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with our Events Team.