The Squares member Norm Watson uses what3words addresses to share the precise locations of grain silo artworks he has visited on his travels in Australia.

Australia is vast, with huge expanses of open countryside that’s perfect for road trip adventures. But once on the open road, many places worth a visit have no reliable address to help people find them – silo art locations, for example.

In recent years, some of the huge disused grain silos – reminders of an agricultural time gone by – have found new life as artists’ canvases, and increasing numbers of people are seeking out these dramatic structures. Norm Watson from The Squares has photographed many of these silos, and recorded their what3words addresses to help others find them easily.

‘My wife and I enjoy caravanning around our great country and as we are retired, have time to do this… We use what3words to pass on to friends and other interested people locations and places of interest, camping spots as well’.

silo with imagery on at yearnings.text.plan
silos with imagery on at dated.rivers.association and needing.electrics.staple
Silos with imagery on at twisty.amass.misgivings
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As well as finding remote artworks, what3words is increasingly being used by emergency services to find people in trouble. The first service to accept what3words in Australia is Ambulance Tasmania, who recently rescued an injured hiker using the technology .

To find and share locations easily, download the free what3words app .