Use 3 word addresses in your GIS software | what3words

Coordinates to 3 words

Convert a layer of coordinates to 3 word addresses

3 words to coordinates

Create a layer from a table of 3 word addresses.

Search and drag

Enable search for 3 word addresses and plot 3 word addresses on a map.
what3words GIS extensions

ArcGIS locator

Add the what3words API to your ArcGIS product suite with our ArcGIS locator. To get started, first sign up for a what3words API key, then request access to what3words for ArcGIS.

QGIS Plugin

Search for 3 word addresses and convert coordinates to 3 word addresses using the QGIS plugin.

Hexagon Smart M.Apps

Use what3words within Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

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