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Every year, the African Architecture Awards celebrate the best new architecture across the continent. However, specific features on building complexes can be difficult to refer to during the judging process so candidates are using 3 word addresses to indicate areas of interest to judges and showcase their entries to get the recognition they deserve.

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Yada has integrated the what3words service into their app, to ensure that guests can always find their way. 3 word addresses can be provided for every key location of an event – from a stately home front gate to the location of a beer tent in the middle of a field. Guests can see the address and get directions to the precise 3m x 3m square.

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The RioGo app let tourists, workers and athletes plan a journey across Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games. The what3words addressing system is integrated into the app and works alongside live transport feeds, helping users get from one 3-word location to another in the city.

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