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Many of the most amazing places in the world don’t have an address. what3words is helping hospitality, travel and tourism businesses share the locations of their properties, and travellers explore the world without getting lost.

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Targeted at travellers and hikers, PocketEarth’s apps offer global travel guides and offline maps for every adventure. You can search and navigate to 3 word addresses around the world, and display the 3 word address for every location instead of GPS coordinates.

Pocket Earth is available for iOS

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A Hedonist’s Guide is a high-end travel guide and magazine exploring the best hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, sights, shops and spas in 50 cities around the world. To ensure their travellers get to enjoy these places A Hedonist’s Guide have added 3 word addresses to every destination they list.

Hedonists Guide is available for Web

Travel & Tourism

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