Meet the innovators


‘This simple solution helps drivers to identify where they are - and helps us find them even faster … a smart way to get you back on the road’.

An Altido modern and funky room with a balcony


‘what3words ensures that we provide the best beyond-hotel experience for our guests by giving them the precise location of the front door’.

An archaeological and historic site of stones


‘ much easier for our users to remember, record, and recite the precise locations of many of the … historically significant ancient sites they locate’.

A bartender mixing a drink

Black Swan Oldstead

‘what3words is a brilliant idea. It's especially great for somewhere like The Black Swan Oldstead as we regularly have guests unable to find us’.

Outside a Business Design Centre

Business Design Centre

‘With almost one million visitors … we’ve now added our own three words to help improve accessibility and enable people to find the correct entrance’.

Inside a modern kitchen


‘what3words has really increased the efficiency of our viewing process. Using the app, our clients are able to find our properties with ease.’

A couple on a small city cruise boat in York

City Cruises York

‘We are using what3words as we are wanting to make it even easier for our passengers to get to the correct departure point for their cruise’.

A Coolstays lighthouse in the country


‘CoolStays are providing what3words addresses for all their unique accommodation, guiding guests directly to the door’.

Customer looking at a mug

Crafty Fox Markets

‘Helping shoppers discover talented designer makers is what we’re about, so guiding them to venues using what3words is an absolute no brainer’.

A hand reaching in to a variety of doughnuts from Crosstown

Crosstown Doughnuts

Listing what3words addresses for all market locations makes it easier for hungry visitors to find a tasty treat.

2 cyclists on a beach looking at a shell statue


‘We use what3words for the avoidance of doubt – belt and braces.’

Small seaside country village with a port

English Lakes

‘The minute I discovered what3words I was hooked ... It really could make the difference for emergency services’.

Glenshee ski patrol dog

Glenshee Ski

'Glenshee is very pleased to be able to promote “what3words" to our customers ... who might need help and don’t carry a map and compass’.

A Havn car picking up a person


‘We are proud to be partnering with what3words so Havn customers can quickly and easily find their chauffeur and enjoy the rest of their journey’.

View of a historic house overlooking a calm river

Historic Houses

‘We encourage our member houses to share the what3words address of the ticket kiosk, car park or group entrance that visitors should head for’.

View of town with a busy road

Neath Port Talbot Council

‘This technology could save considerable time and effort pinpointing the site of fly-tipping or some other incident’.

A hiker walking with a rucksack on

Nordic Walking UK

‘We're using what3words to share the precise location of walk starting points to help members meet with their instructors’.

Outside a Premier Inn building

Premier Inn

‘By adding what3words ... to our website we are giving our guests a direct route to the check-in desk, no matter which Premier Inn they are visiting’.

Savvy Navvy boating app using a what 3 words address

Savvy Navvy

‘We integrated what3words into our marine navigation app because it makes it easier than ever for sailors to quickly share their location’.

Skanska workers looking at an iPad


‘Many of our people work in very remote and rural locations with often poor mobile signal ... That’s why we’re encouraging the use of the what3words app’.

Skateboarder at a skateboard park

Skateparks Project

‘Postcodes aren’t great for finding skateparks. I heard about what3words and thought it would be a useful feature’.

A sleep pod on a pavement in Bristol

Sleep Pod Bristol

‘We love our map which allows the public to identify rough sleepers to us anywhere in the city. what3words guides us directly to them’.

Solace Global car driving through high waters

Solace Global

‘Users can simply check-in on the app around the world and get their what3words, making it easy to communicate their location’

View from a balcony looking onto a garden and houses


‘We’re using what3words to improve our guest experience by making it easier to find those hard-to-find spots in Edinburgh!’

Small brick cottage in the countryside

Sykes Cottages

‘We’re using what3words to help our guests get to the front door of our cottages as easily as possible – without wasting a moment of their holiday’.

TFL busses driving along a road

Transport for London

‘Using what3words to quickly and accurately report issues such as potholes and broken traffic lights will make a real difference to our officers’ vital work’.

View of tiny historic stone building overlooking a bay

Visit Guernsey

‘We’re helping you to explore like a local and discover the hidden gems across the five Islands of Guernsey using what3words’.

View of colourful houses in a seaside village

West Wales Holiday Cottages

‘We’re delighted to be using what3words in our booking emails to guide our visitors to the exact location of our owners' properties’.

Wigwam houses in the countryside with mountain views

Wigwam Holidays

‘We share our glamping site locations using what3words 
to make sure our customers 
find them easily’.

A close up of a red wine bottle in a cellar

Wine Cellar Door

‘One of the things we really like about what3words is the accuracy in rural areas. Now we can share hard-to-find entrances’.

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