The simplest way to communicate location

Memorable – Offline – Multi-Lingual – Error Detection

Addressing the world

Everyone and everywhere now has an address

Around 75% of the world (135 countries), suffer from inadequate addressing.

4 billion people are invisible: unable to get deliveries or receive aid, and unable to exercise their rights as citizens.

It costs businesses billions of dollars and hampers the growth and development of entire nations.

what3words is a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares.

Each square has a 3 word address that can be communicated quickly, easily and with no ambiguity.

The Benefits

  • Ready to go

    The world’s 3 word addresses are pre-assigned, and can be used instantly and cost effectively.

  • Words beat numbers

    3 words are significantly more memorable than the equivalent alphanumeric characters or lat/long coordinates required to define the same location, and much quicker and easier to say.

  • Uniformity

    One uniform word-based system for everyone eliminates the confusion caused by conflicting numeric and alphanumeric codes.

  • Offline

    It functions without a data connection. This solves a perpetual constraint when in remote and unaddressed locations, or in areas with poor connectivity.

  • Empowerment

    Words in a local language will provide unaddressed communities with a voice to communicate their needs.

  • Multiple Languages

    what3words is currently available in most of the official UN languages, as well as several others. It can also be functional in languages such as Hausa, Swahili or Vietnamese.

  • Universal

    It’s a small piece of code that works across platforms and devices and works alongside existing geo systems and devices.

  • Validation

    The 3 word addresses have been pre-assigned in a very specific way so as to offer a built-in validation system to correct input errors.

The best navigation idea since the tube map

Rory Sutherland, The Spectator

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