Copter Express builds and distributes delivery drones, and the software to manage flight routes. Using drones enables fast and precise deliveries, increasing efficiency. However, drones typically use GPS coordinates to mark their destination, which are very difficult to remember and easy to get wrong. By integrating what3words into their software, Copter Express now has a human-friendly way of sharing locations.

Confusing GPS coordinates

Copter Express has developed a range of delivery drones to help make UAV delivery available to everyone. Many of these deliveries are in rural areas, which can be difficult to address accurately. Drones can fly to a very specific point and, in most cases, drone companies use GPS coordinates to input the desired destination.


However, long strings of digits are difficult for humans to transcribe accurately, and small mistakes can lead to big differences in location. Also, many members of the public who are unfamiliar with GPS coordinates could be put off using drones because of this technical aspect.

Simple addressing

what3words is a human-friendly approach to navigation. Each 3m x 3m square on the planet has been assigned a unique 3 word address, which are far easier to remember and share than GPS coordinates. By integrating what3words, Copter Express have opened up drone delivery to everyone.

“The accessibility and human-centric design of what3words make it a perfect complement to our technology,” said Andrew Sholokhovich from Copter Express. “We believe what3words could be the most convenient way to provide destination coordinates in many drone delivery use cases.”

Together Copter Express and what3words are making drone deliveries even more efficient and accessible.