Mongolia is a place like no other. From dramatic mountains to the Gobi desert, marshlands and singing dunes, its landscape is not only breathtaking, it is also fleeting. With few built monuments, let alone roads, it can be hard to find your way. And if you do find a road sign, it’ll be in Mongolian.

The travel guide experts at Lonely Planet have realised how hard this makes it for visitors to experience all the country has to offer. And that’s why its new Mongolia guide displays 3 word addresses for every listing, so everyone can find their ger (that’s a round tent) for a homestay or the meeting point for an eagle hunt experience. Photographer Conor MacNeill has travelled Mongolia extensively, and he shares his favourite spots on Lonely Planet’s blog using 3 word addresses.

Check out exactly where this picture was taken:

‘As a landscape photographer, my photos are often taken in remote locations. This is why I love what3words. I can easily find and share the exact spot I was standing in when I captured my images’
– Conor Macneill