DB Schenker, the logistics division of German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG, has integrated what3words into its eSchenker portal. This handy platform groups more than 50 e-services into a one-stop shop for the company’s 110,000 clients, and generates an impressive 500,000 bookings each month.

With what3words integrated into eSchenker, customers can now optimise their supply chains by specifying very accurate pick-up and drop-off points using 3 word addresses. This simple and accurate way to input locations solves an issue that affects logistics companies around the world: unreliable and imprecise addressing.

Street addresses for large sites like factories and exhibition halls rarely point to the delivery entrance, so drivers waste time looking for the right drop-off location. This is frustrating for them and teams on the ground expecting the shipment. It also means wasted time and money for the company, and a poor experience for customers.

By becoming the first global logistics company to integrate what3words at this scale, DB Schenker is ensuring that shipments get to their destinations securely and on time, providing customers with the highest standard of service possible.

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