Improve guest reviews with what3words

If you’re an Airbnb host, to improve reviews or achieve Superhost status, it’s important that guests find your property easily every time. Simply give guests a what3words address to make sure your listing is always easy to locate.

With just 3 words, guests will be able to navigate straight to your front door – even when you don’t speak the same language. The free what3words app is compatible with navigation apps including Google Maps, Citymapper and Waze.


Discover your what3words address

Search for your business in the search bar below.

Switch to satellite mode and select the square closest to the entrance you want people to find.

When you’re done, press the button below.


Share it with your guests when they book

Use this copy on your guest information to give them exact directions

what3words address


what3words address link

HTML code to embed into your website

<p>what3words address: <a href="" target="_blank" translate="no">///</a></p>