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Everywhere has a what3words address

Whether its a specific stadium entrance or a rural home, every 3 metre square in the world has a unique what3words address, making it easy for customers to specify any precise drop-off or pick-up location.

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To build what3words into your passenger apps and web booker tools, speak to the team and they’ll help you set it up.

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Once you are set up, let your customers know they can use what3words. Use the ready-made marketing assets available on our communication Hub.

Hear from our partners

Idris Davies

CEO at Cordic

“There’s nothing more frustrating than getting lost trying to find a meet-up and missing out or arriving late and stressed. We have built this integration to enable using what3words addresses with our systems so that our community can find exactly where they need to be with no confusion.”

Liam Griffin

CEO at Addison Lee

“Our partnership with what3words will give us the extra accuracy to get our customers and deliveries to the exact right location – whether that’s the right office doors for your job interview or the right gift to the deliveries entrance.”

Ateeq Naseem

Digital Marketing Manager at Albatross Cars

“what3words is a game-changing tool that’s actually making us money! The recent Download Festival is a great example. We were able to take double the number of bookings during the festival just because of what3words. Drivers are finding customers 15 minutes tops rather than wasting all that time driving around trying to find them – in the past this could take an hour! For me, it’s a no brainer and I don’t know why everyone isn’t using it!!”

Available through software providers


Cordic now supports what3words addresses on cPAQ, driver app, and passenger app upon request. Get in touch with your account manager to enable the integration.

Cab 9

Fleets powered by Cab9’s software can automatically accept what3words through their passenger app and dispatching software.

Dispatch from Dever Software

Chauffeur operators using this software can now enter a what3words address into a dedicated field, and calculate distance and time. what3words capability is available by signing up for an API key adding it to the setup parameters. For full instructions, click here .


All existing and new clients can take advantage of the what3words integration in Magenta’s web booking system, passenger app and dispatch software. Operators should contact their account manager to get set up.


what3words functionality is integrated into Sherlock’s call handler system, web & account manager portal, quickbooker tool and its driver & passenger applications. Operators should contact their account manager to get set up.


CMAC has integrated what3words into its taxi dispatching software so that breakdown recovery firms can send a taxi to the exact location of a member who has broken down. what3words capability is available upon request.

Info Cabs

Clients can automatically take advantage of the what3words integration in InfoCabs’ web-based booking system and passenger app.


what3words is available automatically throughout Onde’s product offerings, from its passenger and driver apps to taxi operator management system.

Chauffeur Drive Systems

This chauffeur booking system uses what3words to make sure that drivers are sent to the best pick-up locations.


Gazoop has integrated the what3words technology enabling its clients and their customers to book rides to and from a what3words address upon request.

Meet the businesses using what3words

Sherbet Electric Taxis

The UK’s only fully electric black cab fleet can navigate to any 3 metre square in London now that customers can use a what3words address in Sherbet’s passenger app.


Essex’s largest Taxi and Private Hire company teams up with what3words to further ease customers booking process and to deliver a safe, sustainable and prompt service.

The booking app and website allows people to enter a what3words address in the search bar to find nearby cab companies.

Addison Lee

London’s largest premium private hire business and same day courier operation has integrated what3words into its booking tools.


This all-electric chauffeur service powered by Jaguar Land Rover accepts what3words addresses in its pick-up and drop-off fields.

Ryedale’s Comfy Cars & Taxis

The taxi service based in North Yorkshire uses what3words to ensure rides always exceed customer expectations.

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