With the ARDHI off-roading app, the adventure begins when the road ends. Drivers can plot new routes, travel down paths created by others, rate routes based on difficulty and earn badges for achievements completed along the way.

The app already has thousands of routes plotted across the Middle Eastern and African landscapes – from the dunes of Dubai to the Atlas mountain range of Morocco in North Africa. It also features weather updates as well as the ability to send up a “flare” to attract nearby drivers in the case of an emergency.

With so many paths taking drivers into unmapped territory, the ARDHI app needs a reliable and accurate way to identify and communicate a location. Whilst GPS can provide that level of precision, coordinates are difficult to use and prone to error when sharing with others. In response, the ARDHI app has integrated what3words into its system.

what3words’ address system is based on a global grid of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares. Each square has been pre-assigned a unique 3 word address. They offer the same degree of accuracy as GPS coordinates but are far easier to remember and share.

Drivers can input 3 word addresses into the ARDHI app, to use as route destinations or as waypoints along the way. It means they can go off-roading into uncharted territory and still plan to meet friends at the camping spot at ///revised.bonuses.cheeses in Umm Al Quwain, or explore the secluded Khasab coast from ///lectured.harpoon.just

If a driver gets into difficulty then they can also use a 3 word address to identify their precise location, accurate to a 3m x 3m square. It means other drivers in the area – or recovery and emergency vehicles – know exactly where to go to offer assistance. what3words even works without an internet connection or phone signal – ideal for driving to places far from civilisation.


what3words is being used in more than 170 countries. It’s helping automotive and drone delivery companies, postal services, logistics firms, travel guides, NGOs and everyone who needs to find or share a precise location.

“The real story of the land lies beyond the roads,” said Mohammed Jaradat, Marketing Manager for Jaguar Land Rover Middle East. “ARDHI is the world’s first off-roading app, giving drivers a way to discover new paths and share their routes with the world. what3words offers the perfect driving companion, providing pinpoint location accuracy, wherever the journey takes us.”

“The Middle East is both a land of opportunity and one of discovery,” said Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words. “The ARDHI app embodies these values, combining that sense of adventure with cutting edge technology. I look forward to using ARDHI next time I’m in the region, to chart a few new paths of my own.”