West Cork’s The Southern Star and MeathHeritage have both integrated what3words into their offline and online tourism guides.

Day trips and holidays are meant to be fun. And mostly they are, until you get lost. Not being able to find where you’re going can lead to walking in circles, grumpy children, and wasted time at best, or missing events, attractions, and trains at worst. Understanding how these details can make or break the day, two Irish tourism and heritage organisations have sought to fix this problem. In recognising the frustrations associated with not being able to find exactly where you’re going, The Southern Star and MeathHeritage have integrated what3words as location references.

Each year, The Southern Star publishes guides of “ 50 things to see &; do ” in towns across County Cork. Their recommendations combine well-known cultural attractions in urban areas with gems located off the beaten track, which include ancestral sites alongside some of the country’s top birdwatching and surf spots. Have a look at one of the magazines below – all the advertisers &; attractions display their 3 word address.

Southern Star | June | what3words from what3words

Meanwhile, MeathHeritage has mapped over 3,000 monument and heritage sites across County Meath, from awe-inspiring castle ruins to the small, hidden tomb entrances. Often these sites are in poorly mapped, rural areas and tucked away in hard-to-find locations so on their site.


Visitors and locals can simply enter their desired attraction’s 3 word address into the free what3words Android app & iOS app , Navmii driving app or Pocket Earth walking app , safe in the knowledge that they will arrive exactly where they intend.

Though listed in English, what3words works in 9 languages so people can talk about anywhere in their own language no matter where they are and it even works offline with no data connection. As what3words also uses a non-hierarchical system where similar sounding words are very far apart, it means that if you mishear or make an error when typing it will become obvious as they will often be on different continents!

There is no more inputting of fiddly GPS coordinates or error prone alphanumeric systems – “was that a 2, a 7 or a 1”, but instead the simple accuracy of a user-friendly 3 word address. It even works with Google maps.