Purchasing power is on the rise in Mongolia. And online shopping sites are helping to satisfy this growing demand. Whilst ordering online is becoming easier, getting goods delivered to the customers’ door is still a major challenge. Online retailer, Mmarket , has found the perfect solution. Customers can now simply enter a 3 word address and be certain that their package will arrive at its destination.

Mongolia’s favourite market

Mmarket is the fastest growing online marketplace in Mongolia. Founded by Battulga Bayarsaikhan, a senior software engineer at Google, it sells a wide range of products, from shoes and clothes to sports kit and kitchen equipment.

It has already become the go-to destination for Mongolia’s growing online shopping customers. And the team are keen to continue that trend.

Order success. Delivery fail.

The e-commerce platform is visited by tens of thousands of people every month. Whilst many customers are based in the capital Ulaanbaatar, a growing number are located in the vast rural regions of the country.

Mmarket want to be able to deliver to everyone, everywhere in Mongolia. However, the country has widely suffered from inconsistent addressing. This has resulted not only in delayed or missed deliveries but also frustrated customers and a hesitation to place new orders.


3 words to the doorstep

Fortunes are set to change, as Mongolia pioneers an innovative new addressing system. Everywhere in the country now has a 3 word address, courtesy of a partnership between what3words and Mongol Post . And Mmarket has been one of the first retailers in the country to integrate the service into their own checkout process.

Now, when ordering online, customers can simply enter their 3 word address, to specify the precise 3m x 3m point that they want their goods to be delivered. Better still, they can use the Mongolian version of what3words to identify their front door, in their own language. And just in case they don’t know their unique 3 word address, customer can also be guided to discover it via an interactive map.

The technology means Mmarket can deliver goods more efficiently, keeping logistics costs in check. And customers now enjoy the confidence in knowing their new purchases will arrive at their doorstep, on time.