For the rapid response courier, Onibag , ambiguous collection or delivery points means wasted time and lost money. And in some cases delays can even be life threatening. By integrating 3 word addresses into the service, drivers can now get to where they need to be with even greater accuracy.

The clock is ticking

For California-based delivery company Onibag, every minute matters. Their couriers pride themselves on speed, with 95% of drivers arriving at the pick-up location in 30 minutes or less. This means whatever you need, wherever you need it, they’ll get it to you.

The fact that Onibag specialise in urgent same-day delivery means they also deliver blood to blood banks and urgent medical equipment to hospitals. In such circumstances, time is not just desirable – it’s essential.

Which building? Which entrance?

When delivering to business customers, time becomes an even precious commodity. Any delay can hit both their company perception and their bottom line. However, hospitals, office blocks and university campuses are often a maze of different buildings.

Here, a single postal or zip code for the complex simply isn’t enough. Couriers may need to collect or deliver to a particular lab, a certain ward or a specific entrance. And every minute spent searching for the right location is a minute wasted.

3 words to faster service

Onibag have integrated what3words into their app, to specify 3 word addresses for collection and drop-off points. It makes for much faster deliveries, as they can now pinpoint right down to a customer’s door – with no time lost searching around campus buildings.

It also allows them to offer more flexible delivery solutions. Maybe you urgently need a frisbee for your summer BBQ in the park? Now you can simply type in the 3 word address and OniBag can bring it to you, at faded.soccer.vibes . You don’t need a postal address to receive a delivery.