Drone deliveries are fast becoming a reality. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are already widely used and control software is becoming easier to access and more user-friendly.

Most control software uses GPS to provide the location accuracy required for safe flight. However, coordinates are difficult to use and prone to human error when manually entered into a piloting platform. Even one digit typed incorrectly can send the drone far off-course.

Based near Zurich, Switzerland, UAVenture develops leading edge flight control software for the next generation of UAVs. They support a range of drone aircraft, used for mapping and land surveys, filming and surveillance, and drone delivery.

Their AirRails platform is a flight control and tablet-based solution, aimed at making drone control as simple as possible. To this end they have integrated what3words into the platform, enabling flights to and from a 3 word address.

what3words provides the same degree of location accuracy as GPS coordinates, without any of the complexity. 3 word addresses can also be easily shared with operators by phone, radio or even via SMS.

Planning drone flights with 3 word addresses is a huge breakthrough for the future of drone delivery. Even novice pilots can now plan a drone flight, simply by entering the 3 word address of a landing zone. Customers will also be able to share a 3 word address at an online checkout page, which can then be used to accurately deliver a package.