what3words has been added to the restyled Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, enabling drivers to find and navigate to any precise location in the world using just three words. And in a world first, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will be the first car company to offer what3words offline.

In the true spirit of adventure and innovation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has teamed up with what3words to introduce the unique location technology to the refreshed Eclipse Cross. The addition of what3words means that drivers can identify, share and navigate to any precise location in the world using just three words.

what3words is an easy way to talk about location. Every 3 metre square in the world has been given a unique combination of three words. For example, ///prods.weep.cheapest is the what3words address of the exact 3m square of a parking spot right on Yumigahama beach in Shizuoka Prefecture.

From family beach trips to navigating winding roads and tough conditions, Mitsubishi Motors is renowned for its adventurous vehicles that are built and designed for exploring the world in comfort and safety. However many places, including beaches, parks and rural locations don’t have accurate street addresses at all and postcodes often cover large areas. Even in the best-addressed cities in the world, street addresses are surprisingly unreliable and unhelpful when trying to enter them into a navigation system. Street names are often duplicated; for example there are 367 Park Streets in California and 521 George Streets in Australia. Street address searches typically drop pins in the centre of buildings, and many places, like large warehouses with multiple entrances, don’t have an accurate address.

While automotive navigation technologies have been developing at a rapid pace, the addressing systems that underpin them have remained unchanged and are no longer fit for today’s purpose. Entering a location into a navigation system can be a frustrating experience when errors are easy to make, or your destination simply isn’t recognised.
Now, with what3words integrated into all Eclipse Cross models with the TomTom navigation system, drivers will be able to navigate to any precise location in the world just by inputting three words. Drivers can also rest assured that they will always arrive at exactly the right destination, with AutoSuggest technology prompting with intelligent suggestions to identify and correct mistakes. In a world first, what3words works offline the Eclipse Cross. No app, data or cellular connection is required to input or navigate to a what3words address.

Minoru Uehara, Chief Product Specialist of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, explained that “Our drivers love to explore, and what3words ensures that they are always in control of the destination for their next adventure. what3words is at the forefront of in-car navigation technology and we’re excited to introduce this feature to our customers.”

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words, added that “it can be difficult and frustrating putting an address in a navigation system and most of the most amazing places in the world don’t have a street address. Even if you have a building number, address and postcode, you can still be left driving around trying to work out exactly where the entrance is. When drivers enter a what3words address into the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, they can be confident that the location is accurate to 3 metres every time, and it’s as simple as typing in status.deep.mountain”

what3words is used by businesses all around the world from ride hailing apps, delivery companies, hotels, sports stadiums and emergency services. Individuals too are using the free what3words app to navigate the world more easily and to meet friends in places without addresses such as parks, and beaches.