Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA), a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy supply and infrastructure solutions, via the HYLA brand, is breaking new ground as the first commercial vehicle in North America to integrate what3words, a precise location technology that aims to provide confidence in Nikola customers in the accuracy of their addresses, ensuring timely deliveries and an exceptional customer experience.

Navigating large sites and industrial parks can often be a daunting task for drivers due to multiple entrances and vague delivery zones lacking specific addresses, resulting in delayed deliveries. what3words offers a revolutionary solution, providing an easy way to identify precise locations. The system has divided the globe into a grid of 10ft squares and assigned each a unique combination of three words: known as a what3words address. This means every warehouse entrance, drop off point and tucked-away delivery door has its own unique what3words address. This integration is expected to enhance the driver experience by providing a concise and accurate method for location input and will also seek to simplify location entry via voice or text, offering a forward-looking advantage.

This advanced technology will be incorporated into Nikola’s Class 8 zero-emission trucks in 2024, setting a new standard for precision and performance in the industry and further demonstrating Nikola’s ability to integrate progressive features and improvements over-the-air.

“In the commercial vehicle landscape, precision is paramount to avoid delays and disruptions,” says Mary Chan, Nikola Chief Operating Officer. “This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to innovation by elevating the standard for commercial vehicle navigation and speaks to our dedication to customer-centric solutions. The added benefit of simplifying location entry, whether through voice or text, further solidifies our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience for our drivers.”

“what3words has been shown to significantly improve both delivery accuracy and customer experience – benefitting drivers and customers alike,” comments Chris Sheldrick, Co-Founder and CEO of what3words. “This integration is illustrative of Nikola’s commitment to enabling exceptional delivery experiences across the U.S., and we look forward to seeing our technology live in their vehicles soon.”