Whether you’re doing a spot of gift shopping, browsing the internet for birthday treats, or just want to surprise someone special, customising the next present you buy with a what3words address is sure to go down well. From engraved rings to personalised prints, with stylish options right on through to more practical ones, there’s something here for everyone. You can, as always, discover what3words addresses on what3words.com and via our free app.

1. Map Print

Price: £35 – £78

The Yve Print Co. creates personalised what3words maps to help people remember and celebrate locations. That location might be a first home, the site of a first date, or even something as simple as the precise spot of a favourite park bench; whatever the reason behind your choice, one of these stylish prints is bound to look good on your recipient’s wall. You can choose between foil maps and eye-catching risograph prints.

2. Phone Case

Price: £17.99

Know someone who’s always dropping their phone? A phone case, with a personalised what3words address on the back, might just be the stocking filler you’ve been searching for. The what3words address on the customised phone case can refer to anything you want.

3. Location Sign

Price: £24

The Bespoke Sign House will make you a personalised what3words location sign to go by a front door or on a garden shed. If the person you’re buying a gift for has often moaned that delivery drivers can never find them, do two things. First, tell them that many couriers in the UK now accept what3words addresses for accurate deliveries. Then, hand them one of these customised signs all nicely wrapped up. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

4. Window Pot

Price: £42

For the flower-grower in your life, a terracotta window pot with an engraved what3words address might be just the thing they’re after. By teaming up with what3words, Letterfest gives shoppers the chance to add a personal touch to a classic staple of the gardening-themed gift list. Handmade in Devon and boasting a Tuscan design, a pot as stylish and durable as this will be gratefully received by your green-fingered loved one.

5. Luggage Tag

Price: £8.95

We all know someone who lives for travel and adventure. One minute they’re in Asia, the next they’re in North America. Always on the move, always dragging their luggage from one airport to the next, they’re people with a serious case of wanderlust. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that intrepid friend or family member, look no further than one of these personalised what3words luggage tags on Etsy . Customise it with their favourite travel location.

6. Cushion

Price: £40

Give someone the gift of comfort with one of these personalised what3words cushions from Tablier Designs . The cushion is 100% linen with a pom pom or plain trim. Tablier Designs can make the cushion in a variety of colours. You can even choose the embroidery colour. Nothing says ‘home sweet home’ like a what3words address on display in the living room.

7. Socks

Price: £14

How do you improve on a classic gift like socks? By putting a what3words address on them, of course. Solesmith gives shoppers the chance to personalise socks with a meaningful location. With 57 trillion what3words addresses in the world, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to sock customisation.

8. Pet Tags

Price: £8.95

It might be time to treat your furry friend to a brand new name tag, one with an accurate what3words location engraved on it. Just find the what3words address for your front door and pop it in the customisation box. A present for the most important animal in your life, and peace of mind for you; it’s two gifts for the price of one really.

9. T-shirt

Price: £15

Next time you’re buying someone a gift, consider getting them a personalised what3words tee. Giving a certified organic cotton t-shirt with a totally unique what3words address on the front is a great way to celebrate a memory. Alternatively, it can be an excuse to find the funniest what3words address possible and make a friend or family member wear it to lunch.

10. Silver Ring

Price: £110

On the Silver Realm website, you can customise a handcrafted sterling silver ring with a what3words address of personal significance. The what3words address that goes on the ring could be the place you and your partner got engaged or married, signify the birthplace of someone special, or refer to some other notable location in your life.

Do it yourself

If you’re someone who prefers to take a DIY approach when it comes to gifts, perhaps you could incorporate what3words into whatever present you end up working on next. Adding a what3words address to a photo frame, for example, is an excellent way to celebrate the exact location of a special moment like a friend’s wedding day. Alternatively, art-and-craft types may want to personalise a beaded necklace or bracelet with a meaningful what3words address. Getting thoughtful and creative with what3words will really make your item stand out.