More and more useful tools are using 3 word addresses to help people navigate easily and stay safe, from cycling and hiking apps to travel websites. Check out some of our favourites below.


TripGo is a brilliant trip planning app that allows you to combine public and private transport as well as walking and cycling in a single journey.
You can enter 3 word addresses for starting points and destinations, which is great if you’re going on a cycling trip, for example. Plan your entire route on the app, from your front door to a remote viewpoint with no street address.

Beeline Velo

If you don’t like constantly checking your phone for directions when you’re cycling, and you enjoy the freedom of choosing your own route, check out Beeline Velo. It’s a mobile app paired with a smart compass. It’s what3words-enabled for iOS users, who can enter their destination as a 3 word address for a smooth ride to their precise destination.


ViewRanger app lets you explore and plan routes in the great outdoors. Most trails don’t have addresses for their start or finish points, so ViewRanger uses what3words to make it easier to navigate to precise locations, as well as share them with friends and other users.
ViewRanger is a trusted tool used by police forces and search and rescue teams across the UK – so you know you’re in good hands.

Pocket Earth

An essential app for people who like to get off the beaten track. Travellers, backpackers, adventurers and explorers love its downloadable maps, travel guides and offline navigation feature. And with what3words integrated into Pocket Earth, explorers can easily enter exact destinations into the app, even when there’s no street address.

Grid Reference Finder

This website allows you to easily convert a grid reference, eastings and northings, or lat,long coordinates to a 3 word address and vice versa in the UK. Simple and effective.


An award-winning smart navigation and traffic app with what3words built in. You can discover, save, share and navigate to 3 word addresses all within the app. It works offline, so you can get directions to any precise location, no matter how far off the beaten track.

YHA (England & Wales)

The Youth Hostel Association runs accommodation in cities and rural areas, including hostels, cabins and camping grounds. Its website displays a 3 word address for each of its locations, making it easy to find even the most remote places to stay. If you want to explore England and Wales properly, YHA is the way to go.


This must-have horse riding app shows 3 word addresses in real time as you ride. Its accident detection feature, SafeRide, detects when a rider has fallen from their horse and automatically messages emergency contacts with the exact 3 word address. We highly recommend it, considering most places you’d go riding don’t have an address!


Busby is an app for cyclists that monitors your phone’s data – for a very good reason. It watches your speed and movement sensors to detect falls and crashes, and alerts your emergency contact with the exact 3 word address for your location.
It’s definitely one to download if you cycle, and to keep cycling friends and family safe.


BlindSquare is the world’s leading navigation app for the blind and visually impaired.
It is what3words enabled, so you can search for or enter 3 word addresses to get directions to exactly where you need to go. A clever feature also lets you ask the app to announce your current 3 word address so you can easily share it with friends and family.

The World Coordinate Converter

This online tool does exactly what it says. If you ever come across a coordinate system you’re unfamiliar with, this is the tool you need to convert it to one of your choice, including what3words.

You can find many more what3words-enabled apps and tools on our products page.