Airbnb hosts in Japan are using what3words to help visitors find the exact entrance of their property hassle-free, improving guest experience.

Airbnb hosts in Japan are using what3words to help visitors find the exact entrance of their property hassle-free, improving guest experience.

Three words to find any Airbnb in Japan

With what3words, now every Airbnb is easy to find. what3words is an easy way to find precise locations. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Available in over 40 languages, now anyone in the world can find, share and navigate to precise locations with just three words. It means that from a remote cabin on the foot of Mount Fuji to an apartment in a large block in Tokyo, guests can use three words to find the exact entrance of their Airbnb.

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Hosts around the world are using what3words to improve guest experience

Many Airbnbs don’t have an address or can be hard to find – from homes in remote locations to treehouses and boats. But sometimes even properties that have an address can be tricky to navigate to. In particular, as street names don’t exist in Tokyo, finding the right address can be very confusing for people unfamiliar with the city.

In addition, entering addresses into a sat nav or map app can be time-consuming and easy to get wrong, especially when Japanese isn’t someone’s native language. Even when addresses are entered correctly, they often route to the centre of buildings. Trying to find the right entrance can be stressful, especially when tired and wheeling heavy luggage around a building in search of the right entrance.

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To improve the guest experience, more and more Airbnb hosts are adding the what3words address to their property’s location details, and recommend downloading the free what3words app before guests travel.

How does it work?

Airbnb hosts:

Find your what3words address using the free app and add it to your location information. You can learn how to do this here.

Airbnb guests:

Look out for your Airbnb’s what3words address in your host’s directions. If it isn’t listed, you can ask your host for a what3words address before you travel.

To find your Airbnb’s exact entrance, make sure to download the what3words app before you travel. Then, simply enter the three words into the app and tap ‘Get directions’ to navigate to your Airbnb’s exact entrance with your preferred navigation app.

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Smoother journeys with what3words

Whether it’s a specific building entrance, street corner or park gate, you can use what3words with taxi-hailing app S.RIDE to quickly and easily tell taxi drivers exactly where in Tokyo you need to go. To get dropped off exactly where you need to be, simply enter your destination’s what3words address into S.RIDE in Japanese or English.

Non-Japanese visitors can also search for what3words addresses directly in the Japan Travel app by NAVITIME.