In a world where wanderlust meets cutting-edge technology, a new era of exploration is dawning. Vanlifers and campers – a.k.a. modern-day nomads – are redefining the way we experience the great outdoors. Their secret weapon? what3words.

The rise of vanlife and camping culture

Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of vanlife and camping culture – thanks in no small part to new technologies that mean staying connected has never been easier. More and more people are trading their traditional homes for the freedom of the open road, seeking adventure, self-discovery, and a closer connection to nature. They live to explore remote destinations, picturesque landscapes, and hidden gems, far away from the constraints of urban life.

The challenges of finding remote locations

While the draw of off-grid camping is stronger than ever, navigating remote locations still has its challenges. Traditional addresses often fall short in describing the precise location of a beautiful campsite overlooking a canyon, or a hidden waterfall deep in the forest – this is where what3words comes in use.

A simpler, more precise way to share location

It doesn’t matter how remote you are when you have what3words, the app and map site provide accurate and reliable ways to share locations, even in the most remote areas. For vanlifers and campers, this means they can share their favourite camping spots with pinpoint accuracy, making it easier for fellow travellers to find and enjoy these hidden gems. Better still, you can save your favourite locations and always revisit for when that nostalgia hits!

Sharing hidden gems

Vanlifers and campers often stumble upon hidden campsites or parking spots that aren’t on any map. With what3words, they can mark these spots and share them with friends and the wider community, allowing others to experience the same natural beauty.

Organising meetups

Vanlife and camping communities thrive on shared experiences. what3words simplifies the process of organising meetups, allowing travellers to specify exact meeting points, making it convenient for like-minded individuals to connect and share stories.

John & Mandy Basically Epic Adventures

John and Mandy are motorhome adventurers and often use what3words locations to pinpoint meeting points with other motorhome friends and share their favourite spots.

Saving unmarked trails and key locations

Nature enthusiasts often venture into unmarked trails and wilderness areas. what3words helps them mark key points accurately, ensuring they stay on the right path without getting lost. You can also save locations for the future and make lists of all your favourite places.

Reds Go Travels

A motorhome couple frequently uses what3words to mark their unmapped locations in some of the most beautiful places.

Emergency situations

In case of emergencies, precise location information is crucial. what3words provides an easy way for vanlifers and campers to communicate exact locations to emergency services, ensuring a quick and accurate response, even in the middle of nowhere.

As vanlife and camping culture continue to capture the hearts of adventurers worldwide, apps like what3words are enhancing the experience, making it safer, more accessible, and incredibly enjoyable. We’re proud to see that we’re not just helping vanlifers and campers explore the outdoors, but helping them to discover new ways of connecting with the world and with each other, fostering a sense of community amidst the vast wilderness.