The benefits of what3words software integration are being felt right across the emergency services. It’s helping first responders to pinpoint incident locations, and improve response times. Don’t just take our word for it. These testimonies are from partners seeing what3words’ impact first-hand.

Blue Light Maps

Blue Light Maps is a navigation solution created by a first responder to meet the specific needs of the emergency services.

‘Getting to those in need of urgent help is key for the emergency services, wherever they are. Enabling first responders to navigate to a what3words location quickly was a no-brainer.’

~ Henry Sternberg, Founder, Blue Light Maps


ResilienceDirect, a secure online mapping platform developed in partnership with Airbox Systems, has integrated what3words so that the precise locations of incidents can be found and shared quickly.

‘The integration with what3words is incredibly valuable to the ResilienceDirect platform, particularly as the format becomes increasingly used by the emergency services community due to the ease of communication and reduction in ambiguity it provides.’

~ Jacob Ritchie, Key Account Manager, Airbox Systems


Airbus Defence & Space has put what3words into its SAFEcommand software, enabling fire and rescue teams to pinpoint an incident’s exact location.

‘what3words provides an easy way for anyone to give a precise incident location without any specialist mapping knowledge. Its ease of integration and small dataset made for seamless integration within SAFEcommand.’

~ Chris Mordue, Market Development Manager, Airbus SAFEcommand


Used by around 70,000 first responders in the UK, HEMSbase – which is developed by Medic One – has incorporated what3words to ensure air ambulance teams save valuable time in emergencies.

‘We’ve embedded what3words in HEMSbase to help air ambulances pinpoint the exact location of an emergency. It’s a game changer in rural areas where a postcode can cover a vast area.’

~ Mark Salmon, CTO, Medic One Systems

Airbox (MOSAIC and ACANS)

Airbox produces situational tools for desktop PCs and mobile platforms. It has added what3words to mapping tools used by emergency services across the UK, including air ambulance teams.

‘The more accurately a location is given to us, the easier it is to quickly locate the patient and identify a suitable landing area.’

~ Rob Backus, Line Pilot at Wiltshire Air Ambulance