Discover how what3words is being used across the state, from locating people in emergencies to sharing the precise location of the best taco truck in town – and everything in between.

There’s no place like the Lone Star State, with its expansive wilderness and sprawling, vibrant cities. But with so much to see and do, it can be hard to find, share or navigate to the exact places you’re looking for. That’s where what3words can help.

what3words is the easy way to talk about precise locations. It’s given every 10ft square in the world a unique address made of 3 random words: a what3words address. For example, you can find one of the best viewpoints in Big Bend National Park at ///deal.task.foraged or you can grab a great cup of coffee in Austin at ///curated.defended.skewed .

You can use what3words to tell couriers precisely where to drop off your deliveries, or you can navigate with confidence to a precise what3words address. It’s a handy tool for arranging easy meet-ups with friends in markets, beaches or parks, and it can be used to tell emergency services how to find you in hard-to-describe locations. Plus, it’s available in over 50 languages, so people from around the world living in or visiting Texas can communicate precise locations in their own language.

Here are the most popular ways people are using what3words in Texas:

Getting help where it’s needed

In an emergency, being able to tell 911 call handlers precisely where to send help is vital – but this can be difficult when you’re out in rural areas or in an unfamiliar part of the city. A what3words address helps you to communicate any exact location easily and efficiently, no matter where you are. This means emergency responders will know exactly where to go, accurate to a 10ft square. Watch as the City of Austin Police Department put it to the test with Inside Edition .

Emergency service departments across Texas and the wider US are using what3words to find people faster and improve response times. You can read the full list of services using it and some of the incredible stories that have involved what3words.

Finding your way around any festival

The second most important thing you need at a music event, after your tickets, is the what3words app – as recommended by Austin-Travis County EMS to those going to Austin City Limits Music Festival.

what3words makes any big event easy to navigate in more ways than one. Save the precise location of your tent, your car and other key points so you know where to find them again; arrange meet-ups with friends easily by sharing a what3words address, and tell emergency responders where to send help. Discover all the ways you can use what3words at your next festival .

Making local businesses easier to find

How do you make sure your customers can find your business? Use what3words, of course.

That’s exactly what the Triumph Dallas dealership has done , listing their what3words address on their website so customers know exactly where to go. This is extra helpful for customers who already own a Triumph motorcycle because their navigation system accepts what3words.

It’s also a great tool for businesses without a traditional address, check out this tour of the best taco trucks in Austin to see what we mean. DK Eyewitness’ Like a Local guidebook for Austin similarly uses what3words to take visitors to the city’s best attractions.

three word address in like a local printing

Navigating quickly and efficiently

Street addresses aren’t reliable enough for precise navigation and are unable to take drivers to a specific building entrance or parking space. Many places, like festivals or hiking trails, do not have an address at all.

what3words is integrated into the navigation systems of many Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles in America. This makes it easy for drivers to enter the what3words address straight into their car’s infotainment system to get directions to that exact destination. what3words addresses are simple to enter, and some compatible cars, like the VinFast V8, offer voice input so drivers can say 3 words to their car to navigate to the precise 10ft square.

Car influencers Forrest Jones and Vehicle Virgins shared their journeys to what3words destinations with their followers.

Meeting up anywhere, easily

People are using what3words to arrange handy meet-up spots. Group bike riding app Chasing Watts has added a what3words function to make it simpler for users to find good starting points for their training sessions. Read more about Chasing Watts .

When you’ve set a what3words address as a meeting point and you’re within walking distance, you can use the Compass feature to point the way to the exact location. All you need to do is follow the arrow and it’ll let you know when you arrive!

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