Street addresses and postcodes aren’t accurate enough when it comes to finding exact entrances. A single postcode often covers a large area, and map pins drop in the middle of buildings instead of specific entrances. When a business is hard to find, customers have to ask for directions and arrive frustrated.

A simple way to talk about exact locations

what3words makes it easy to say where a specific entrance is. The global addressing system has given every 3m square a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Businesses can use a what3words addresses to complement their street addresses and indicate the exact 3m square for their entrance.

When a what3words address is displayed on a contact page or on social media, customers can enter it into the free what3words app or directly into Kakao Map and navigate there easily.

South Korean businesses are using what3words to improve customer experience

Squash Court Map of Korea, a squash court directory app, displays what3words addresses for over 300 locations in both Korean and English. Available for iOS and Android.

Ban-Life, a directory and booking app for pet owners displays what3words addresses for the pet-friendly accommodation, pet stores and pet hospitals it lists. Available for iOS and Android.

The iOS and Android app Vegan Road lists vegan restaurants across South Korea along with their what3words addresses to make sure customers arrive exactly where they need to.

The Nanta is a performance group that attracts around 750,000 foreign visitors to its shows every year. It has displayed the what3words addresses for its four theatres in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese on its website to help its international audience find the right entrances.

Jaws Food, the 400-branch-strong street food chain has added what3words addresses for all its locations on its website to help customers find them easily.

The very trendy Greem Café has displayed its what3words address on Instagram. Customers can now directly got to ///tune.primary.remote to find it.

Another popular café, Coffee Nap Roaster, has added the what3words addresses for its two branches on its Instagram profile. Now customers know exactly where to go to enjoy great coffee with zen minimalist decor.

Juno Hair Salon, the leading South Korean hair salon chain, has displayed the what3words addresses for its 151 branches on its website and is using what3words addresses when promoting its salons on Instagram. When customers ask for directions, they receive what3words addresses in English, Korean and Chinese.

Help your customers find your business more easily by adding what3words addresses to your contact pages, social media and confirmation emails.

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