From the fan mail that hits our inbox, to the headlines that jump out at us in the papers, we love hearing how people have been using what3words. But if there’s one type of story we look forward to getting most, it’s the ones that involve the use of what3words to rescue a furry friend in need. We wanted to share some of our favourite stories with you – so get those ‘awws’ ready and prepare to see some of the fluffiest faces you ever did see.

Fluff levels are off the charts

Andy Sowden of the RSPCA used what3words to locate these Guinea pigs after they were abandoned in a box deep in the woods. Hungry and severely dehydrated upon rescue, they have since made a full recovery and have been fostered into a loving forever home.

“It was very fortunate that they were spotted in such an overgrown and remote area and I am so grateful that the finder used the what3words app otherwise I would have definitely struggled to locate them.”

~Andy Sowden, RSPCA animal rescue officer

Just look at that face: you know she’d do it all again

When Lola the German Shepherd got into trouble in the water near Shefford , her owner did the sensible thing: which was to stay on land and phone the emergency services for help. They gave the what3words address for their otherwise hard-to-describe location and the Bedford Fire Station crew were soon able to find them and save the day.

Lexi, in warmer climes

Back in December, Lexi the German Shorthaired Pointer fell into the freezing River Weaver in Cheshire. She panicked and became stuck on a shallow ledge, unable to swim back to safety.

Russ, her human, used what3words to tell the fire services precisely where they were after struggling to pinpoint their exact location. Thankfully, they found them quickly and, before they knew it, owner and dog were reunited.

“For anyone seeking to raise the alarm and get help, the what3words app will pinpoint an exact location so emergency services can find someone in distress quickly.”

~Matt Barlow, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service group manager

This cutie gets our seal of approval

An injured seal pup was spotted by a member of the public, who shared its location with the Dolphin Watchers of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea . Once alerted, the group acted quickly and their experience with nautical mammals meant they soon recognised that the seal needed help. They arranged for the young pup to be taken to a local vets for an assessment and treatment.

We’re hogging him next

The Herby Hedgehog Rescue charity asks the public to use what3words to report the locations of hedgehogs in need of help. As you might expect from the name, their mission is to rescue injured and orphaned hogs, and nurse them back to full health.

“When people call to report an injured hedgehog, it’s usually in the middle of nowhere, in places with no addresses. We ask them for a what3words address to know exactly where the hedgehog is, and to direct our team to that exact spot.”

~Stephanie Knowles, Hedgehog Emergency Rescue

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