Travel titans, DK Eyewitness, have released a new series of travel guides, curated by local experts and featuring what3words addresses for their top tips. Read on to find out how this partnership can help you plan and save your perfect itinerary.

What is what3words?

what3words is a really easy way to find, share and save precise locations. We’ve divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and given each square a unique address made of 3 random words. The app is free to download and it’s available on both iOS and Android , so if you haven’t already, you can download it here .

what3words x DK Guides

Released at the end of 2021 and curated by local insiders, these pocket guides are perfect for anyone looking to venture off the beaten path, uncover some hidden gems and experience a city from the perspective of the people who call it home.

If you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ll already know that not all locations worth seeing have a traditional street address. Which is why DK Eyewitness have included what3words addresses to make sure you’ll be able to easily find every recommendation, no matter how secluded or remote, by using its what3words address. You can explore the full range of city guides here .

Creating and Organising Travel Lists

When you’re out and about adventuring in a new city, it might not always be practical to bring a full guidebook along but did you know you can build your own list of saved locations in the what3words app? It’s super easy to pick out your favourite locations from the guidebook and save their what3words addresses into your own list.

With saved location lists you can:

Navigate to your saved addresses offline
If you’re in a signal black zone or far from working Wifi, it’s no problem – what3words works offline . While you won’t be able to load the full satellite map without data, you can still find your current what3words address as well as navigate to what3words addresses in compass mode.

Everywhere has an address in your own language
If attempting to pronounce an address in another language is your worst nightmare, and you don’t know how to type another language into your phone, no need to fear. Every location in the world has a what3words address in your native language – simply type or say the 3 words into the what3words app, and you’ll be able to navigate straight there. Bonus feature: if you spot a what3words address in a language you don’t speak, download the relevant language pack, then you can simply scan it to see the exact location in the app. You can learn more about our scan feature here .

Share your lists
If you’re travelling with a companion, or want to share tips after your trip, you can share your saved location lists easily from the what3words app. Watch this to learn how.

Memorialise your adventures
If you’ve found the perfect point to grab a photo of Big Ben or maybe you want to remember exactly where you placed your love lock on the Pont des Arts, you can use what3words Save any special, meaningful or memorable spot with its precise what3words address, so you’ll always find the exact spot again in the future.

Eat: Mamiche
Grab a freshly baked pastry or baguette at this fuss-free neighbourhood hotspot.

/// grading.repeated.masters

Drink: Bisou
10 euro custom cocktails, seasonal ingredients and an environment that oozes je ne sais quoi. What more could you want?

/// gaps.mime.chickens

Art and culture: Musée Rodin
Paris and art are a match made in heaven. Visit this museum and former home of atelier Auguste Rodin for something a bit different.

/// humid.snares.tower

Outdoors: The Coulée Verte
Running along the old viaduct from Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes this favourite walking route gives an amazing elevated view of the city.

/// dealings.held.water

We believe that if everything and everywhere could be found easily, the world would be a better place. That includes making travelling easy, accessible and safe. So we encourage you to get out there, explore new places, make new memories and hopefully we can make finding incredible travel spots hassle free.