The partnership between Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, and innovative geolocation technology, what3words, is set to further improve last mile delivery accuracy. It means that retailers in the Middle East can now offer faster, more precise deliveries to their customers using Aramex and what3words.

To further improve the efficiency of its deliveries in the last mile, Aramex has integrated what3words into its retailer application programming interface (API) platform. The integration enables regional e-commerce businesses to offer Aramex deliveries to what3words addresses, giving online buyers a simple way to communicate exactly where they want their packages delivered.

The retailer API makes it simple for e-commerces to add a what3words address field to checkout pages. The location entered into that field is then automatically passed on to Aramex couriers. The integration supports regional SMEs that are looking to optimise customer experience and ensure accurate and efficient deliveries.

what3words has divided the globe into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. For example you can find the main entrance to what3words’ Head Office at ///filled.count.soap in London. Every front door, mall entrance, delivery point, and even unmarked roads has its own unique address, helping to minimise address errors. This enables Aramex couriers to know exactly where to pick up and drop off packages, optimising the delivery process and providing a smoother customer experience.

Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer – Express at Aramex, said: ‘Aramex has been working closely with what3words since 2016 to optimise the crucial last mile of the delivery journey. In our efforts to help improve last mile delivery, we believe that by using what3words we will further enhance customer experience and enable a more frictionless delivery journey. Our longstanding partnership with what3words is a perfect example of our commitment to apply innovative technological solutions to boost efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction, as well as support the further development and growth of e-commerce in the region.’

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words, said: ‘Using a what3words address makes it easy for people to say exactly where they want their packages, whether that is a specific building entrance, front door or side door, providing a seamless delivery experience for end customers and streamlining operations for couriers and retailers alike.’

what3words is revolutionising the way the world talks about location. It allows users, including Aramex couriers and customers, to find, share and navigate to precise locations, anywhere in the world. The technology is available in 50 languages, including Arabic.